- At Taizé, 8 km away, the community has been remarkable for its universally renowned international Ecumenical Assemblies attended by tens of thousands of young people praying together for peace and reconciliation since 1940. - At Mazille, (13 km), the “Carmel de la Paix”, built in 1971 by J.L. Sert, one of Le Corbusier's disciples, blends with the landscape harmoniously. Visiting this Convent could allow you to share briefly the Carmelite nuns'daily activities (prayers, church services, working the land, practising a craft) and go on a retreat. - Paray-Le-Monial (60 km) is the second largest centre for religious pilgrimage in France with its gatherings held 4 times a year and attracting around 300,000 pilgrims in its “Chapelle de la Visitation”. - At La Boulaye, South of the Morvan region, at about 60 km, the largest Buddhist Centre in Europe will welcome you in its Temple of the Thousand Buddhas, a replica of Himalayan culture in Southern Burgundy. - At Uchon (80 km), the orthodox Centre of St Hilaire-St John of Damascus will let you into the world of Byzantine iconography and medicinal plants.