A unique array of crafts : pottery, glasswork, wrought-iron structures, handwoven fabrics, jewels, ceramics … there are talents galore to discover !

“ La Vigne-au Gain” is the perfect location from which you can make your way through deeply-rooted traditions : - A lush land for cattle ; green pastures have favoured the development of the Charolais beef cattle breed known worldwide for its succulence, finesse and flavour. Goat-farms provide the famous Maconnais AOC goat cheese made from unpasteurised milk. Snail farms sell tasty gourmet dishes based on their production. The area offers a myriad of local products : they are the symbols of culinary art : chocolate (La Clayette), honey, oil (Iguerande), products based on locally-grown fruit.

- Une richesse unique en métiers d'art :
poterie, verrerie, bois, ferronnerie, tissus, bijoux, faïence, …
autant de talents à découvrir.

- The exceptional variety of small structures : wash houses, village ovens, “cadoles”, vertically-layered dry-stone walls, traditional “galerie maconnaise”… Each village is a treasure-trove of traditional buildings.